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Artist Biography:

Richard Firth was born in Yorkshire, England in 1954. He is mainly self-taught and began his artistic career by painting vintage cars, with two of his motoring paintings published as limited edition prints. He began painting marine subjects, especially square riggers, and received instruction from Brian May, the well known marine painter. May introduced Richard Firth to the works of the famed marine artists, Stephen Dews and Stephen Renard. Firth was very impressed with their works and determined that he could equal their quality. At the present time, Richard Firth produces only eight to nine paintings a year, and is certainly the most promising newcomer to the marine art scene, with the real potential to overtake his two mentors, Dews and Renard. Firth was asked to exhibit at the prestigious, Ferens Museum and Art Gallery, Hull, England in their Winter Exhibition of 1996. Since then, his marine paintings have become highly sought after by collectors of fine marine art. Due to the limited amount of paintings Richard Firth creates each year, only a handful of are currently available for sale, worldwide. [1]

From the Daily Mail UK:

Firth painted this while racing Regatta in Australia toward the end of 2012.
This is painted in exquisite detail. This piece is signed by the artist and is in excellent condition, an excellent example of Firth's work. You can buy it now for only $7,500!

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